So it’s officially rainy season in Panama 😦 but before it all gets gloomy and dark I wanted to share with you my favourite tree. And the reason I wanted to post about it is because this tree just blossoms in the summer season and is so beautiful!! Hopefully when I have my own house I’ll plant a dozen of these trees in my backyard.

GUAYACAN:  fabebura crhysantha, is this beautiful tree that only blossoms in summer and in the rainy season is only branches and sadness.

Seeing the floor full of its flowers makes me think that I’m in spring, even though we don’t have spring season in Panama.

They also blossom in a kind of pink color but I couldn’t find one or when I did see one I didn’t have my camera. But yellow is my favourite type anyway.

Isn’t it BEAUTIFUL. Hope you like it as much as I do.. and soon, a whole post about trees, why? because I love trees and I’m a treehugger and that’s enough for a post 😀



My Travel Soundtrack

Music is like a good wine with your dinner, a cold beer in the afternoon or a good sleep while raining and we should all have a travel soundtrack. A list of songs that you can listen to when you are on the road and feel more inspire to keep on going!

I have some of my own that I absolutely love, some in spanish. And I found a good website with some others that are pretty good too, but a little oldie for me. Maybe some of you will enjoy it more 😀

1. La Vuelta Al Mundo- Calle 13

In English it means: AROUND THE WORLD, and the title pretty much says it all. I can literally listen to this song everyday, and still I haven’t been able to know all the lyrics! 😦 Is so so GOOD. It talks about quitting your job and just listen to the wind. Believing whatever you want to believe. Listening to your inner wanderer and leave. It’s just the perfect travel song.

2. London Calling- The Clash

I absolutely LOVE England, since I have memory I’ve been in love with it. London is such an awesome city!. I had the opportunity to go to England in 2009 and I became more obsessed afterwards.. This song doesn’t actually talks about travelling but, it’s about London and it works for me 😀

3. Latinoamerica- Calle 13

This one makes me wanna get in a bus a travel all my way throughout my beautiful Latin America. This song even won a grammy which makes it a little more than good, it’s EXCELLENT.

4. New York, New York

OH NEW YORK!. I’m not a fan of the United States as a whole, but New York is one of the exceptions. Words can’t describe how amazing this place is. As every other big city, London (my first love) or Paris, New York makes you feel part of something bigger. When I went there I didn’t want to leave. I either have to live here or in London. PLEASE GOD!

5. Patria- Ruben Blades

Patria: motherland, homeland. Ok, I gotta be honest with this one, if you know this song and you are in another country, this song will break you down and make you so homesick that you will want to go back to your country or at least it’ll make you cry. But I LOVE THIS SONG so I had to add it here. This song was written by a Grammy award winner Panamanian songwriter and it has become the second anthem of Panama. So maybe this is the song you would listen when you are travelling back home.

I tried to find a video with better pictures of Panama because the ones that appear there are a little old but I couldn’t 😦 but this one does the work.

6. Panama- Van Halen

Well they don’t actually sing about Panama, but just hearing my country’s name in rock and roll song puts me in a trippy, cool mood for any road.

7.  Far Away Places- Margaret Whiting

OLDIE ALERT!, oldie but goodie!. a little slow for a road trip I would say but the lyrics are so beautiful, maybe you can listen to it if you are trying to fall asleep and still feel inspired I guess. Anyway, I love it. (I’m a weird 21 year old girl)

8. Leaving on a Jet Plane- John Denver

Another OLDIE BUT GOODIE. I love this one, I think of this one as the one you can listen while you are entering the gates of the airport or walking around the terminal 🙂

9. I’m Yours- Jason Mraz

One of my favourite songs ever. This one is for the beach trip mood. The laid back attitude of this song is so relaxing and when I listen to it I wish I was at the beach, with sunglasses, on a hammock drinking piña colada. ENJOYING LIFE.

10. Imagine- John Lennon

Well John Lennon always knew how to put together words and this songs makes you hope for a better world. The world we live in and crave to travel and know.

11. Where The Streets Have No Name- U2

U2 is so awesome and this is the kinda song you wanna listen if you are in a big city, busy getting lost and exploring or driving nowhere.


I’m sure there are many other songs that can relate to travel but these are the ones that put me in that awesome mood to driving nowhere, get lost, be on a plane everyday, hiking, biking, laid back on a beach in a secret island. ANYWHERE.

And that’s the awesomeness (I invent words) of the world, that is so infinite and vast that every place is a different feeling, a different experience, and if you have a good soundtrack to go with it then it’s PERFECT.


Wear sunscreen people!

This video is SO inspiring in so many ways. It starts as a stupid thing, wear sunscreen but as it continues it get more serious, I think ha!

Hope you enjoy it! Sorry about the portuguese subtitles, but it’s english so we are good 🙂

Ps. In case you find another one with english subtitles please let me know!


The meaning of WANDERLUST

Image   As I said yesterday, today I was gonna be posting about the actual meaning of wandy (my girlie way of saying wanderlust)

Basically, and according to wikipedia 😀 is a strong desire impulse to hike, wander or travel and explore the world.

A contemporary German equivalent for the English word wanderlust, in the sense of “crave for travel,” is Fernweh (literally meaning “an ache for distant places“).

ENOUGH with the English lesson. zzz

When I discovered this word I knew it fit like a glove to me. I discovered my word. The word that I always have in my mind no matter what, when or where. I LOVE IT.

It is so hard to explain this to everyone around me, because they usually just don’t get my constant craving with travelling. They usually think that is a waste of time because of course, to travel, you need money but.. I DONT CARE.

I’ve always been a free soul, a wanderer, with a ‘fuck you’ attitude but always knowing what is good and bad. So when I found this word was like a found myself, and it was such a relieve because I’m always struggling with personal issues. I saved myself.

ENOUGH with the feelings..zzz

and now some inspiring pics..



Image                                                               Image





To begin with, let’s start saying that my native language is spanish but having a blog in English is way more open to people from all over the world, which is what I want.

Second, I’m gonna be posting about travelling, photography, inspiring shit and the occasional fashion post. But mostly travelling and cool stuffs that come with it.

Third, I might swear sometimes, I apologize beforehand for this. But it’s just me.

Let’s see what else, oh yeah, the exact meaning of WANDERLUST..

Well wanderlust is a very strong and irresistible impulse or desire to travel the world. In my next post I’m gonna write all about this and even post some pics about it 😀

So overall, I’m young, working a 6 hour job just for the money, mostly boring and thinking on quitting and focuse more on school. I’m studying International Relations in case you are wondering and I think that’s it.

I’ll talk more about my passions and beliefs or any kind of stupidity that would come to my head in upcoming posts 😀