The meaning of WANDERLUST

Image   As I said yesterday, today I was gonna be posting about the actual meaning of wandy (my girlie way of saying wanderlust)

Basically, and according to wikipedia 😀 is a strong desire impulse to hike, wander or travel and explore the world.

A contemporary German equivalent for the English word wanderlust, in the sense of “crave for travel,” is Fernweh (literally meaning “an ache for distant places“).

ENOUGH with the English lesson. zzz

When I discovered this word I knew it fit like a glove to me. I discovered my word. The word that I always have in my mind no matter what, when or where. I LOVE IT.

It is so hard to explain this to everyone around me, because they usually just don’t get my constant craving with travelling. They usually think that is a waste of time because of course, to travel, you need money but.. I DONT CARE.

I’ve always been a free soul, a wanderer, with a ‘fuck you’ attitude but always knowing what is good and bad. So when I found this word was like a found myself, and it was such a relieve because I’m always struggling with personal issues. I saved myself.

ENOUGH with the feelings..zzz

and now some inspiring pics..



Image                                                               Image


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About RissethY

Twenty something female from the tiny but mighty Panama. Wallflowering from the back of any room with my camera, eating corn, chicken, mushrooms or olives. Sweet & sour personality depending on the day or my period. Wanderlusting my way through life. Travel is mesmerizing and fulfilling and my fuel, and so is art ~ I make up words. I believe in the power of the senses, the body and the soul and bullshit ~ Enjoy or hate!

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