Mother F* Roller Coaster Mind

Ok since I’m in the mood of “poems” and stuff like that, I decided to post my favourite one. I feel really good about this one because is how I feel most of the time. Is not related to travel or anything but is how I feel and I wanted to share it. Soon and when I feel inspire I’ll post about travelling đŸ™‚ hope you stay in tune..

Mother F* Roller Coaster Mind 

Mother f*

roller coaster mind,

always thinking

too far or too close

too much or not enough.

Mixed feelings along the way,

no time or too much time.

Hopes, expectations,

regrets and mistakes.

What ifs or oh wells?

what’s it gonna be?

My shoulders shrink

just to think.

The problem is

I don’t want to think

and yet, that’s all I do.

Things keep running through my head

like a mother f* roller coaster.

Ups and downs

spins and twists.

Can not deal anymore

just hang on and let it sink in.

My heart keeps racing,

even though I’m laid still.

That’s exactly my problem,

my mind’s on a race

but my body’s still.

The two of them

don’t function together.

Is like having two people,

living in two worlds,

double thinking,

double twist,

double shit,

roller coaster spin.

Is like being laid in bed

trying to move,

but your body won’t listen,

don’t care that much to listen.

It just stays there,

waiting for the mother f* roller coaster to stop.

But it won’t listen,

it doesn’t want to.

I’m in no control

of the other being.

Stupid mother f*

roller coaster mind,

how I hate you

and love you at the same time.

Too self aware

or not aware at all.

I’m just done,

f* you roller coaster.


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About RissethY

Twenty something female from the tiny but mighty Panama. Wallflowering from the back of any room with my camera, eating corn, chicken, mushrooms or olives. Sweet & sour personality depending on the day or my period. Wanderlusting my way through life. Travel is mesmerizing and fulfilling and my fuel, and so is art ~ I make up words. I believe in the power of the senses, the body and the soul and bullshit ~ Enjoy or hate!

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