Insights about New York “the monster”

The first time I said I wanted to go to New York it scared me a little. all the stories about how the people are always rude and selfish, how they are all like robots and a overpriced, overestimated city that only eats you up, throws you up to leave you crawling in despair.. yeah all those nightmares, but there was something about it that I really wanted to get to know and experienced.

So the moment I had the opportunity to go with a friend that her brother lives there, I went and even though I just went for like, 8 days.. I got to experienced quite a lot about it..

Let me start by saying that, is not as scary and terrifying as media says it is. Of course, is a big city, a lot of people, everybody its in their own world, but.. aren’t we all the same way? I even liked it because here where I live everybody sees you as a freak if you dress a little different from the whole, there, in New York, NOBODY cares, the more different the best I think.

  • Experience 1: lost in NY 

Well we weren’t exactly lost, but we couldn’t find our friend that was gonna take us in for a few days. But before that I must say, our friend is full New Yorker straight from Brooklyn, doesn’t get any more real than that, and she is so nice and polite, that made me think, aren’t New Yorkers rude and selfish as movies portray them, well NO they are not.. I have proof they are not..

As we wandered around looking for my friend, for a telephone or any kind of communication, we found a telephone booth in front of a little street store that sells cellphone parts that a Muslim or Arab guy run. As we struggled with the call (that wasn’t going through), he approached us and ask if we need help. We said yes but that we had it under control (us being a little skeptical) after a few more minutes struggling the man approached us again and we decided to let him help us. He lend us his phone and his computer. WOW! how nice of him.. He even found a place for us to stay that was supposed to belong to some friend of him. WOW! how nice.. but to that one we didn’t accept, I thought it was too nice to be true, in New York at least. We finally arranged to go to a hostel near Times Square, cheap enough for our budget thanks to this mysterious guy that maybe at the end, he wasn’t trying to hurt us if we had gone to his friend hotel (but who knows)

  • Experience 2: best hostel ever

Like I said before, we end up at a hostel meters away from Times Square, and for our surprise, the woman at the front desk was a doll! So nice and cheerful. The hostel cost $40 each, so $80 for 1 night, 2 people, the room was shared but with other 2 girls that happened to be backpackers, all good and nice.

We stayed there one night until we found our friend who went to the wrong Starbucks where she was supposed to meet us hahaha.

  • Experience 3: help with the map?

The subway system is one of the most complicated things ever. And we carried a map with us. I don’t care how many times I read not to be looking at a map in the streets, I did it. And it helped. We were in the train, trying to figure out which way to go, and a nice old lady ask us if we needed help. SURPRISE! another nice person helping us. We also asked a few other people for directions and they gladly help us. Not like in movies that they completely ignore you.

So, at the end I don’t know if we got lucky or its simply the way it is. But for me, my perception of New York is far more different than the one the movies or the media show us. Of course, people walk at a fast paced, talk on their phones and live in their own little worlds. But really, is not that bad.

If I ever have to live in a city, I would choose New York. Yeah, its overpriced and all but it really mesmerizes you. I managed to found pretty cheap stuff, eat good food at a good price (3 course meal at Little Italy for $10) and visit almost all of the places I wanted to see.

I don’t feel that we should restrain ourselves to go somewhere just because we hear that people are rude, or that there is violence. We gotta be careful and be aware all the time, of course, but other than that, everything is fine. There’s violence everywhere, rude people everywhere (believe me, EVERYWHERE) not only there.

I love New York and I really feel like I need to go and stay more days to experience it even more. After London, I love this city and I really recommend you to visit it. Forget about the prejudices, NY is amazing.

And of course, its harder for people that live there and try to make it in the big city but if you go just to visit and have a good time you are gonna have it.



Movies to wander..

So finals are over, I’m able to come back to my networking life.

Today I’m gonna post some movies that will trigger your inner wanderer.. some I’ve seen, some are coming to theathers soon.

If there is something that I like other than travelling is watching movies, and when I see good movie I know I will watch over and over again, because other than just taking me to another world it moves me, make me hope that maybe, we in the real world, can make it happen too..


Let’s start 😀


1. The Mummy

Yes people, THE MUMMY! I love it, I even think that this was the first movie I saw that make me fantasize about Pharaohs and King Tut. Even when people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up I would always say: I wanna be an archaeologist (insert little girl’s voice here)



2. The Mummy Returns

It wouldn’t be right to put the first one without the second one. I even liked the second one more. They go from England to Egypt, my two loves!<3



3. Jumper

This #$#%$%/ has the ability to transport himself to anywhere he wants.. ANYWHERE, like one day he is in NY, then London, the next hour surfing in Hawaii, then for lunch he decides to go the top of the Gizeh statue. I hate him and love him at the same time..



4. Under The Tuscan Sun

I swear I want her life, after the divorce of course.. haha but I don’t know why I always think I’ll end up like this.. me and my fatal destiny of being single, then marry, divorce, leave and find my true love who happens to be an exotic australian or english or european that would love me forever (wtf)

Besides all that, she goes to Tuscany, and this movie does such a great work showing us how beautiful this place is, it just makes me wanna go to Italy, eat pasta, get fat and never leave.



5. Eat, Pray, Love

This is the ultimate fatalistic wanderlust movie that ends up like a fairytale, and of course, me thinking that I’ll end up like this makes it even funnier and better. Let me say that the movie doesn’t do any justice to the book, maybe just with Julia Roberts and the hot naked guy.. but other than that the movie was a little slow, the book (which I read before the movie came out) is so much better. Totally recommended.



6. Chasing Liberty

I so recommend this one if you are like me that wants to do the whole eurotrip and find the love of your life while wandering.. haha is a chick flick in all the sense of the word but I love it, don’t care what you think.. and I want my boyfriend with an accent thank you very much..

Ok, let me be serious, it shows quite a lot of the Europe we all know, the trains, the gondolas, the roads, even a bungee jumping scene; which I’ve always wanted to do.. and it ends up in England 😀



7. What A Girl Wants

Ok, sorry for the chick flick marathon but I have to, she goes from NYC to London to find his dad that turns out to be a candidate to Prime Minister.. doesn’t get any better than that.. oh wait, it does, this amazing english boy falls in love with her and helps her throughout the movie.. but other than that, I fell in love with it because it was filmed in London, my love.



8. Before Sunrise

Ok they met in a train, go to Vienna, talk about life, love, life, life.. is just a really insightful movie that wraps in a love bubble or whatever, I love it. If you haven’t seen it and you don’t mind watching two people talking about really deep things even though they just met, then this is perfect.. and they just spend the entire movie through Vienna which is beautiful. She’s French, he’s from the US, cultures crash, opinions collide but at the end they fall in love..



9. Before Sunset

This is the second part, but they are in Paris and is basically the same thing but in another city, they fall in love with each other again and you know, the same talking and insightful thing. I don’t know why I love them so much, but I do..

I’m done with the chick flick movies, I swear, I hope so, you hope so too hahaha



10. The Bucket List

“Find the joy in your life”, this just gets me everytime.. other than having Jack Nicholson being awesome and Morgan Freeman being more awesome it makes me cry every time I watch it, it also makes me think on what I’m doing with my life, what are we all doing with our lives; grow up, work, procreate, work, and die.. so we are born to work and die basically. Where is the fun in that? I know many people would argue and tell me I’m wrong but really, everybody does with their lives whatever they want, I’m not here to judge but hey try to live a little, get out of your comfort zone because tomorrow it might be too late. And when life gives you a second chance to actually LIVE, go do it..

wow I went a little deep in this one hahaha let’s move on..



11. Wanderlust

Well this one hasn’t come out yet but I’ve been reading some reviews and the movie doesn’t actually portrays the meaning of the word.. it’s basically about a couple that lives in NY, the guy gets fired, goes to his brother somewhere then they get tired and start like a roadtrip where they find a group of hippies that teach them about the meaning of life and weed hahaha

Let’s wait and see



12. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

well, well, well, my third love has appeared in a movie that is coming soon.. INDIA 🙂 besides having Indian blood in me, I’ve always wanted to know if the family have a heritage there, which is really unlikely, but who knows 😀 hahaha

So this one gathers the best English actors into one amazing movie with the guy from Slumdog Millionaire, who is easy on the eye too hahaha, and the movie is about a group of retirees that decide to go to India because is cheaper and stuff and they end up in this hotel that is not really good but they fall in love with India in general and I don’t know what else.. but I’m really excited about this movie.. really.. really 😀


I think I’m done.. there are other movies that definetely triggers the inner wanderer in me but are not as strong as these ones.. like Mamma Mia, A Little Princess; which is amazing and beautiful, The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 1 & 2, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, New York I Love You, Paris I Love You, Elizabethtown and many more..

Sorry for the chick flick marathon (not really)

If you have any movies that you know or love that triggers the wanderlust in you, please feel free to tell me about them, I will watch them gladly 😀 I want to have more movies in my collection (thank you in advance for contributing to the wanderlust addiction)


I will try to post more since I’m in vacation and have nothing to do other than sleep..


Have a lovely day, night, afternoon or whatever your time zone is 😀