Insights about New York “the monster”

The first time I said I wanted to go to New York it scared me a little. all the stories about how the people are always rude and selfish, how they are all like robots and a overpriced, overestimated city that only eats you up, throws you up to leave you crawling in despair.. yeah all those nightmares, but there was something about it that I really wanted to get to know and experienced.

So the moment I had the opportunity to go with a friend that her brother lives there, I went and even though I just went for like, 8 days.. I got to experienced quite a lot about it..

Let me start by saying that, is not as scary and terrifying as media says it is. Of course, is a big city, a lot of people, everybody its in their own world, but.. aren’t we all the same way? I even liked it because here where I live everybody sees you as a freak if you dress a little different from the whole, there, in New York, NOBODY cares, the more different the best I think.

  • Experience 1: lost in NY 

Well we weren’t exactly lost, but we couldn’t find our friend that was gonna take us in for a few days. But before that I must say, our friend is full New Yorker straight from Brooklyn, doesn’t get any more real than that, and she is so nice and polite, that made me think, aren’t New Yorkers rude and selfish as movies portray them, well NO they are not.. I have proof they are not..

As we wandered around looking for my friend, for a telephone or any kind of communication, we found a telephone booth in front of a little street store that sells cellphone parts that a Muslim or Arab guy run. As we struggled with the call (that wasn’t going through), he approached us and ask if we need help. We said yes but that we had it under control (us being a little skeptical) after a few more minutes struggling the man approached us again and we decided to let him help us. He lend us his phone and his computer. WOW! how nice of him.. He even found a place for us to stay that was supposed to belong to some friend of him. WOW! how nice.. but to that one we didn’t accept, I thought it was too nice to be true, in New York at least. We finally arranged to go to a hostel near Times Square, cheap enough for our budget thanks to this mysterious guy that maybe at the end, he wasn’t trying to hurt us if we had gone to his friend hotel (but who knows)

  • Experience 2: best hostel ever

Like I said before, we end up at a hostel meters away from Times Square, and for our surprise, the woman at the front desk was a doll! So nice and cheerful. The hostel cost $40 each, so $80 for 1 night, 2 people, the room was shared but with other 2 girls that happened to be backpackers, all good and nice.

We stayed there one night until we found our friend who went to the wrong Starbucks where she was supposed to meet us hahaha.

  • Experience 3: help with the map?

The subway system is one of the most complicated things ever. And we carried a map with us. I don’t care how many times I read not to be looking at a map in the streets, I did it. And it helped. We were in the train, trying to figure out which way to go, and a nice old lady ask us if we needed help. SURPRISE! another nice person helping us. We also asked a few other people for directions and they gladly help us. Not like in movies that they completely ignore you.

So, at the end I don’t know if we got lucky or its simply the way it is. But for me, my perception of New York is far more different than the one the movies or the media show us. Of course, people walk at a fast paced, talk on their phones and live in their own little worlds. But really, is not that bad.

If I ever have to live in a city, I would choose New York. Yeah, its overpriced and all but it really mesmerizes you. I managed to found pretty cheap stuff, eat good food at a good price (3 course meal at Little Italy for $10) and visit almost all of the places I wanted to see.

I don’t feel that we should restrain ourselves to go somewhere just because we hear that people are rude, or that there is violence. We gotta be careful and be aware all the time, of course, but other than that, everything is fine. There’s violence everywhere, rude people everywhere (believe me, EVERYWHERE) not only there.

I love New York and I really feel like I need to go and stay more days to experience it even more. After London, I love this city and I really recommend you to visit it. Forget about the prejudices, NY is amazing.

And of course, its harder for people that live there and try to make it in the big city but if you go just to visit and have a good time you are gonna have it.


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