How NOT to Plan & Travel The World Cheap

awesome advices, hopefully I’ll used them someday

Live simply, travel lightly, love passionately & don't forget to breathe


  … Yes, I actually just got a visa, bought a ticket and left …

Moved to a different continent, alone, as a teenager, with no plans, no help, no family and no friends waiting for me in US… but managed to survive & succeed.

If I could do that, trust me, so can you! Age, time and money should never be an excuse.

For me, “Planning” takes life out of living …

No matter how long you have been planning for or how “perfect” your planned trip is in your head…. Life will happen to it …

Why stand in the way of LIFE with it’s stunning beauty & glorious imperfections and suffocate it with our own FEAR ? …


I travel independently, meaning, buying all my plane tickets, hotels, adventures myself or those trips are SPONSORED.I use public transport and spend…

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About RissethY

Twenty something female from the tiny but mighty Panama. Wallflowering from the back of any room with my camera, eating corn, chicken, mushrooms or olives. Sweet & sour personality depending on the day or my period. Wanderlusting my way through life. Travel is mesmerizing and fulfilling and my fuel, and so is art ~ I make up words. I believe in the power of the senses, the body and the soul and bullshit ~ Enjoy or hate!

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