Panamanian National Handicraft Fair!

This year the fair was a special to me because my mom was participating with a friend.

my mom (white dress) in her space with her friend and their crafts. all handmade

I decided to take my camera and snap some photos of the crafts for you to see the amazing handmade stuff we got going on in Panama.

ALL of them are handmade. So imaging the amount of work, time and effort these people have to do all these amazing things I’m gonna show you in the pictures. I actually do know, my mom is everyday, making stuffs, attending courses, getting better, teaching me (although I’m a little lazy for the things she does) and have the house full of every piece of whatever you can imagine she uses to make stuff (mostly fabric). But its amazing, it teaches me that you are never too old to do what you love.

Behold, the pictures 🙂 enjoy..

Diablicos sucios

The translation to english is not as awesome as it is in spanish but for the sake of english speaking readers; diablicos sucios-dirty devils!

Indigenous woman paint


Bracelets & colors. Colors & bracelets

Elaborated skirt design from the POLLERA (national dress)

Fancy some sandals?

Indigenous woman and her crafts

Carved tagua or vegetable ivory (which I just found out its called in english)

Is the seed of a palm that grows in the tropical forests of the Pacific region; especially Panama, Colombia & Ecuador.


Want some for your hair?

This are awesome hair pins that are put on when women are wearing the Pollera. It all complements the Pollera outfit. Without it, it just doesn’t work. They are beautiful.

Handmade mask

Catching some fairy dreams

Crafted tagua again, but now, SLOTHS, sloth collars 🙂

Panama pins, Panama everywhere 

National hat!

Food for the food lovers (me). Forever in love with my national food


They come in many colors and somewhat different styles. They are ALL HANDMADE, so imagine the patience. They are made mostly by old women in the interior of the country who have been doing this craft for many years and polleras are very expensive, thousands of dollars expensive. But are so beautiful. My dream is to have a picture dressed in pollera with all the hair pins and everything 🙂


Lights, beautiful lamps

Handmade, awesome, want it in my room

Beautiful people with the national costume

Diablico sucio paint!

And that’s it! The fair was pretty fun and was full of creativity. It was my mom’s first and she was a little afraid but she did it like a pro, hopefully next year I’m gonna be with her selling some stuffs too.

I really wanted you to see the variety of crafts humble Panamanians make with recycle items. There was way more pictures but these ones summarizes the whole fair I think 🙂

Hope you enjoyed it and see how beautiful things are in Panama.



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