Colors, mystical colors, mystical Indian colors

Oh India, I’ve loved you since I can remember or since a watched A Little Princess and got amazed by the stories the girl used to tell. Or maybe since I know that I have Indian blood in my veins (my mom’s last name is Singh) which I absolutely love and is one of my favourite parts of my descent.

A Little Princess


I don’t care what is the reason that made me love this culture; the colors, the people’s skin tone, the kids big eyes, the food, my relation; I know I’ll be in love till I die with India and I am even more now.

Colors overload

A few days back I  found out about this festival and its like nothing I’ve since before. So many colors! It reminds me of the Tomatina in Spain. People throwing tomatoes at each other, but in this HOLI FESTIVAL, they throw colors, COLORS. My god I love it. Now I know I have to go to India in March in order to attend this festival that just jumped first to my “top 10 festival to go”.

Like I said, done in March every year. Here is the official information ( and the dates ( in case you want to go before me (dying of envy if you do) and be part of this fun colorful festival. Enjoy the pictures.

Hope you have a colorful sunday people!



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