Sin Mapa (No map)

Calle 13. One of my favorite  artists ever. He’s the most down-to-earth artist I know. He always talks about social problems, especially problems that happen in Latin America.

He and his band are Puertorrican. In 2009, they went on a trip to several Latin American countries in order to get new ideas to write songs. They specifically went to Nicaragua (Central America), Peru, Colombia & Venezuela (South America). They went to parts of these countries that tourists, and especially artists don’t visit.

With this documentary they bring to light some problems that Latin American people suffer, especially indigenous people.

The song Latinoamerica was the one they came up with after they did this trip. If you know Spanish or if you find the video with English subtitles it would be great. But here is the official video..

Latinoamerica- Calle 13

And here is the documentary with English subtitles 🙂 in case you are wondering about it. Its really interesting and not boring at all, or at least not boring if you would like to know something different about Latin America.



Sin Mapa Documentary


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