The Alchemist rocks!

A few days back I read The Alchemist. I read it in two days. Yes.. it is that good.

It is a habit of mine to highlight the parts or phrases that I like because I like to read them from time to time to seek for inspiration. It truly inspired me, it talks about how it is so important to do what you like no matter what or who, to always push yourself to find your path, your destiny because when a person finds it, it’s the most important thing they’ll find in their lives. Also talks about how love can lead you into not follow your destiny and that if it is real love, you can always come back and look for it.

Well, there are many good things about the book. Paulo Coelho really knows how to touch your soul and make you think you can conquer the world. Make you think that you should follow your destiny, even if it is only to travel.

PS. I bought the book in spanish but I’ll translate the phrases to english, cope with me please 🙂


“we only accept a truth when we first deny it from the bottom of our soul, we should not run from our own destiny”

“they always knew a city where there was someone able to make them forget about the joy of travelling free around the world”

“In the eyes of his father he read the desire of travelling the world too. A desire that persisted despite of the decades trying to bury it with water, food, and the same place to sleep every night”

“the world was big and inexhaustible”

“It’s exactly the possibility of realizing a dream that turns life interesting”

“The simple things are the most extraordinary and only the wise get to see them”

“When we see always the same people we end up making them part of our lives. And because they are part of our lives, they want to modify our lives too. And if we are not as they expect us to be, they get mad. Because everybody knows exactly how to live our lives. And they have no idea of how to live their own lives”

“At some point of our existence, we lose control of our lives and they become governed by fate. This is the biggest lie in the world”

“The Personal Legend. Its something you always wanted to do. Every person, at the beginning of their youth, know what their Personal Legend is. In that moment of life everything is clear, everything is possible, and they are not afraid to dream and want everything that they would like to do in their lives. However, as time passes, a mysterious force try to convince them that its impossible to realize their Personal Legend”

“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”

“Everyone learns their reason to live too soon. Maybe that’s why they give up so soon as well. But that’s the world”

Don’t forget that everything you deal with is only one thing and nothing else”

“There is a language that goes beyond words”

“Not everyone can see dreams in the same way”

“Remember to know always what you want”

“It’s written”

“Sometimes its impossible to stop the river of life”

“Decisions are just the beginning of something. When someone makes a decision, their are diving into a powerful current, that leads the person to a place they would’ve never imagined at the moment of the decision”

“The closer you are to the dream, the more the Personal Legend becomes the reason to live”

“Who is used to travelling, knows that its always necessary to leave some day”

“No one is afraid of the unknown, because any person is capable of conquering everything they want or need”

“Every person has their own way to learn”

“There is always someone in the world waiting for another one”

“When you love, things make more sense”

“Life attracts life”

“I love you because the entire universe conspired for me to get to you”

“The eyes show the strength of the soul”

“Not everyone can see dreams in the same way”



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