Wake me up when september ends.

This post its dedicated to all the people who are viewing my blog throughout the world. Its not much in comparison to some blogs I’ve seen but its something and I feel proud 🙂

THANK YOU SO MUCH for the likes and everything. It means a lot to me and it encourages me to keep writing and blogging everyday. I’ll try my best.

I find it easier to talk about stuffs like travelling or anything I have in my head here than with some of my friends because they share other beliefs or don’t pay that much attention to what I have to say.

Writing here helps me get stuffs out of my head and feel lighter and peaceful with myself because with every like or every comment I know there are other people out there who share the same things I belief or think in.

Why is it that we find it easier to just write to a giant void that some people will read and like than to the people that are always in your life?. The same happens in real life when you can talk about anything to a complete stranger than to your own friends. Maybe is the fear of being rejected or misunderstood by loved ones, and mostly because their opinions would matter more than the opinion of a stranger. Our mind is tricky and deceiving.

Anyway.. I find it so cool that people from Lebanon, Vietnam, India or Australia are reading my things, especially countries that I would love to go one day (but I want to go everywhere hahaha), that I’m pretty sure I’ll go one day, at some point of my life. (let’s keep our fingers crossed).

So I hope yall stay tune with me and keep on reading the crazy shit that comes out of my imagination.



I just do it for fun 🙂

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About RissethY

Twenty something female from the tiny but mighty Panama. Wallflowering from the back of any room with my camera, eating corn, chicken, mushrooms or olives. Sweet & sour personality depending on the day or my period. Wanderlusting my way through life. Travel is mesmerizing and fulfilling and my fuel, and so is art ~ I make up words. I believe in the power of the senses, the body and the soul and bullshit ~ Enjoy or hate!

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