Do epic shit

Do epic shit

even if it is only to travel.

In fact, travelling (for me) might me the most epic thing you can do.

Eat (random street food of dubious origin),

feel the breeze from the desert, the beach, the mountain, even the from the fast passing cars,

talk (note to self) to random people,

give them a smile, is the most gentle gesture you can give to another human being

respect other cultures as you want them to respect yours.

Go climb the highest mountain (if your body allows it, what else’s stopping you?)

Go swim in the ocean (if its not dirty)

Go for a walk and absorb your surroundings, either it is a city or a forest.

The world is our playground,

let us never lose our inner curious child.

Live simple, live plenty


above all, love passionately

do everything with love,

Even if it is only to travel



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