The beginning of something awesome

I don’t think I have post here my plans for after college (april 2013).

Well my plan is travelling (go figure) to either

  1. Peru and continue as much as I can or as much as the money allows me.
  2. Central America, take the Tica Bus all the way up to Mexico and get lost somewhere and never come back
  3. or Egypt, my great first love.

Whether it is Peru or any of the others, I REALLY want to leave for a while after college.

So.. money? where would it come from?

Courage? where would it come from?

I have been doing some projects, not like big ones, small ones to start saving and I’m looking for a part time job (not in a call center, fuck that). Well this is on the monetary part.

On the courage part, its a little more delicate, I don’t have a lot of support from friends or family, so I’m on my own. What I’m doing its that I will take small trips to near parts of the city or even a little further, and with this start to develop some courage on my own.

Also, the blog its helping me because I’m receiving a lot of views and I have more followers now 🙂 thanks, this really helps me on taking more actions to make my dreams come true.

I also got feedback from a really cool guy called, Benjamin Jenks, he runs this blog

He thanked me for commenting in his post

Fucking awesome, inspiring and encouraging. Getting his emails has been the fuel that has made take more action in making my dreams true.

Go follow him, add him on facebook, subscribe to his emails, its really something out of this world 😀

Don’t stop, not that you ever would

Awesome right? not like he’s the big celebrity or anything but I’ve got more inspiration from him than from J.Lo shaking her big ass booty (ass that I would love to have)

Oh! I also got good vibes from another really amazing blogger, Elena Levon.

A woman I really wish to be when a few years. This is her website and if you have read her blog you know what I’m talking about.

This is the post I commented on, it will blow your mind.

always listen to your soul

After all, I’m happy. Happy its all that matters in this life.



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