Think fast!

THINK FAST! If you had 1 minute or less to decide where to go, where would it be?

Imagine every situation possible:

  • someone is dying and wants you to have the adventure of your lifetime to one of these countries,
  • last minute tickets,
  • some crazy millionaire is giving away travel tickets but only to these countries.. hahaha anything..


I think I would choose Spain or United Kingdom (well I did have some time to think 😉 )

Happy weekend!


via Viajes y Cosas Asi

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About RissethY

Twenty something female from the tiny but mighty Panama. Wallflowering from the back of any room with my camera, eating corn, chicken, mushrooms or olives. Sweet & sour personality depending on the day or my period. Wanderlusting my way through life. Travel is mesmerizing and fulfilling and my fuel, and so is art ~ I make up words. I believe in the power of the senses, the body and the soul and bullshit ~ Enjoy or hate!

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