This is a little something I wrote a while back. I keep forgetting putting dates on the things I write, damn it.. Anyway, I wrote this when I was actually “not feeling”, and I was a little hard with my non feeling self.

Hope you enjoy it.


I need to find myself again

I feel lost and with no purpose

I feel trapped in the shell I made myself

I need a new beginning 

where I don’t feel intimidated by anyone.

New faces, new places, new everything.

I want to feel again

I want to feel love or care again.

It’s been so long since I felt,

really felt.

A touch, a kiss, a hug..

I want a hug, so much it hurts,

not an ordinary hug, 

a hug that would make me feel safe,

a hug that would make me feel warmth,

that would take my breath away.

A hug with a real emotion and passion.

Now all seems an impossible dream,

when it used to be so easy..

I want to fucking feel again.

All I feel lately

its a mild nostalgia that makes me cry

but the tears seem to be without emotion.

I want sparkles in my eyes again,

I want butterflies in my belly,

I want someone who would care about me .

I want to feel the passion in my veins, running through my blood

and say, I fucking love you!

I wish I had a time machine

and go back to when I felt care.

It’s so hard to be strong all the time.

I feel like crumbling 

like going mad.

I need to find myself again,

I’m gonna lose it..


Pisces, me and the fishes


Piscis is the sign of love. Piscis is an artist and a dreamer.

Pisces like to seduce.

They never give straight answers.

Pisces likes to help other people especially those who need a friend or are lonely.

They love to be dominated.

Pisces needs to be held gently and whispered sweet nothings into their ear.

Pisces loves the unreal and imaginary more than the real and mundane. 
Pisces are emotional, sensual and dreamy. They love all things unreal. 
Pisces never fear love.
They love the romantic mystery of two soft bodies touching in the twilight.

Pisces wants the fairy-tale romance and happy ending.

Pisces  charm is that they are funny, and that is their real weapon.

Pisces hate rules and regulations. They will be both everything you want and everything you do not want.
Pisces will not fight against all odds but instead take the easy road. Why struggle? Just enjoy life.
They  love to make life interesting and hate routines.
They are drawn music & the arts and anything that alters the way they think.

 Pisces love passionate kisses and a loving embrace.

Pisces wants the kind of sex that drips with passion. They will light up your life with passion and romance.

Their hearts turn to mush when they fall in love.

Pisces is a great sign to sink your teeth into. It may be hard to grab onto a Pisces, but once you do you’re never letting go.

Its funny how Pisces are fish that live in fluid water but in real life we are the rock for others to depend.
They lie all the time. we say this is the last time but then we always end up forgiving the person.
Our hearts are soft. 
Friendship to a Pisces is a sacred bond.
I love to be a Pisces, do you?