Cry of happiness

This morning I was watching Departures, is a Canadian travel show with 2 amazing guys that travel the world by unknown paths and discover, dream, go.. You know, all the good stuff that I like..

They were in Bali, Indonesia. There they were island hopping with a guy from Bali that said something, something that went all over my body and got stuck in my brain. He said something like this:

When you are young you have to make mistakes, travel, go out there because when you are older you cannot make so much mistakes, you won’t be able to travel as you can now. Always dream big.

It was something like that, what really got me was that the guy’s father was the one that told him that, a very old wise man that was celebrating his birthday that day. And what also got me was that they were not rich, they were normal, regular people but with dreams, accomplished dreams.

It really touched me, it made me realize once more that it is what I have to do. I’m not mistaken, this is not a whimsical thought of mine that will disappear in a few months, this is it. It’s what makes me happy.

Few other not so important but thoughtful things happened during the weekend. I was at a supply store, a huge one, with absolutely everything you could need, and I stumbled upon the backpack section, and there was hundreds of travel backpacks, the kind which backpackers use. Oh my God you should have seen the smile, the light in my face, I was like a kid in a candy store 🙂 so happy.

Do you believe in signs?

I never thought I would find that, in there. It was like a sign sent from God the moment I saw that heavenly hall full of backpacks. I know it seems lame, but I was so happy, bouncing all over, testing them, counting the pockets, the zippers, opening, closing… you can imagine. My cousin was with me and she was like, you look just like a kid in a toy store playing with new toys, I just smiled.

The third thing that happened was a conversation with an old friend of mine. He was talking about how he wanted to finish the university, start working, get a car, house, wife, kids… and I just stood there, listening, thinking that I do want those things but not now, not in 5 years, my thoughts are nowhere near his. And I felt so happy, I felt content, at ease with myself, because I knew I didn’t want those things right now, maybe later..

Well watching the episode about Bali this morning and after hearing what the guy said. I almost cried, but of happiness, the guys were crying, I know they were so happy with their lives in that moment and I felt it too.

I want to cry of happiness one day, just like that, I want to feel so pleased with my life that one day the tears will run down my cheeks and I won’t even notice. I want to prove to everyone that there are other paths in life, other routes, other thoughts.

Why is it crazy to do what you want? Crazy should be to do what everyone wants you to do and not loving it. We only live once.

I don’t want to be afraid any more, I want to live, I want everything or nothing and I’m going to try it. I don’t care if people tell me I’m crazy. I need to do it for my own sake.

Have you ever been so happy you cried?



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