Where dreams “might” come true #1

My last trip abroad. DISNEY AND UNIVERSAL. I know I know, everybody goes to Disney, but hey, I LOVE IT. I feel like a little girl again and nobody can deny me that they don’t feel the same way going to Disney. So, no shame.. 🙂

I went with my parents in May and I would definitely go again. This is the second time I’ve gone and I think I enjoyed it more than the first time!

So this is part one with Downtown Disney and Magic Kingdom

I got a friend, a nice friend in Downtown Disney..

Harley Davidson of my heart

The next day with my new shirt and my hair looking fine.. beautiful hair that only lasted 5 minutes after stepping outside with the rainy weather

Somehow we got convinced on going to a hotel to listen to something that was gonna take “1 hour”….. it took 4 hours… 

In the meantime I was taking pictures. It was beautiful though

This nice grandma was living the cheerful Disney spirit in her own way

Finally after 4 hours on the hotel from hell, we made it to Magic Kingdom!

I have this habit of trying on every hat available, everywhere. What better place than Disney? 

Hat #1

Hat #2

and for the typical picture in front of the castle, I would like to thank the guy sneezing and the lady with the stroller, you made it yours

Hat #3. Jack Sparrow!

Yeah, that’s me screaming like crazy and my dad in the back smiling like a little boy

This is one’s better 🙂

This is the sequence of pictures of the castle’s colors during the light parade and also the fireworks at midnight 

Hope you enjoyed it, I’ll be posting more pictures soon 🙂

Happy belly button of the week day!



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