There is something for everyone.. part 2

You are walking down the stairs to get to the subway train, you suddenly hear a saxofon, drums, guitar.. You start to feel warm, your soul fills up with joy, peace and everything feels at ease. Do you feel that? I do. It’s one of my favourite things to enjoy when I’m in big cities.

The sudden music travels all the way to my bones and makes me feel so good. If you ever felt like this when suddenly hearing a street musician, you’ll know what I mean.

NYC street musician

The fact is that, I have, maybe the most amount of respect for these people, than from any other person. They may be called all kinds of stupid names by ignorant people who think they are better than them, but the truth is, they are doing what they love, what they want. They might not earn thousands of dollars, but in reality I feel more inspired by this people than from the ones that spend their lives doing something they hate, just to earn money and buy stuff everyone says is the best and the latest, only to find that the next year there is going to be something better, newer and more expensive so now they have to work more to earn more money to buy those stuffs and eventually die in that consumerist cycle with nothing but your bones and flesh..

I cannot avoid feeling so good when hearing someone at a side of the subway station singing her/his heart out just because they love it. In fact, the one time I was in NYC me and my friends were waiting for the train and in the middle of the two platforms there was this girl, white skin, dark hair, homeless look, guitar (I’ll never forget it); she had not started singing yet so we figured she was a homeless girl, I felt kinda sad for her, also happy to be blessed enough to have a roof, food and good stuffs. When all of the sudden she started playing the guitar, opened her mouth and the most melodious voice came out of her. It gave a chills, I even got my eyes all watery.

My friends were like nothing was happening, I was so caught up in the moment, I couldn’t talk, and yet my friends were like nothing. I was like, how come they are not feeling and hearing what I am?

This girl was singing with all of her heart, she was pouring her soul.. I felt connected, she seemed so sad in her singing, but yet so peaceful. Maybe it was the echo of the subway but I bet her voice could be heard in every corner of that train station that day. I cannot remember if there was a big crowd around her or not but I honestly felt like there, in that moment, it was me and her and no one else.

All the moment stopped when the train came and I had to go, I left her some coins but I honestly wanted to give her everything I had on me in appreciation of the gift she just freely gave me. That feeling, those chills, that connection, that peace, that cry for help I heard in her voice.

I really hope with all my heart she is still doing her music but in bigger places and maybe more people can be moved by her amazing voice.

If I ever get to NYC again, I’m gonna do a project of recording and photograph every street musician I encounter and just ask them stuffs, anything, I bet they have more interesting stories than the typical bank employee running around checking his smartphone every 5 seconds (no offense, maybe they do have awesome stories but I just don’t feel interested on them).

PS, the first picture its mine, the other ones are just pictures taken from the internet..

Get inspired by your surroundings and inspire back 🙂


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