LOOONGGG WEEKEND.. and I took full advantage of it by going to the “cold” part of my country.. Volcan, Chiriqui, Panama!

Since it was a long weekend almost everyone in the city wanted to leave and of course, the bus terminal was packed.. but people seemed to wanted to go to Chiriqui more than any other place in the whole country… the line to get the ticket to get the bus to Chiriqui, OMG.. 2 1/2 hours standing.. the most tiring thing after being working the whole day..

Sadly my parents and family went there by car before me, so I was, like the song says, all by myselffffff.. 

So after 8 hours working, 2 1/2 hours in line and 1 hour waiting for my bus listening anything that could make me not fall asleep I started to realized something, I was being part of the big exodus, the desire that everyone have to leave the city as soon as possible and enjoy a few days out of the routine and noisy city life..

I was starting to think of the 7 hour ride that was ahead of me so I let my mind travel a little.. every single person here is a backpacker, in some sort of way, they are all travelling to somewhere outside of the city, whether it is to visit someone or just to enjoy the holidays in a place you haven’t been before but, bottom line.. we are all backpackers at some point of our lives.

Old people, young people, families, dogs, couples.. they are all backpackers at some point.. Some might like it, some might hate it, of course, 7 hour ride is tiring and cold, but they all are backpackers..



finally in David Bus terminal waiting for my dad, this cute lady waiting for the bus.

Even though I was TIRED AS HELL, there was something different in me about all this. In another time I would have been really mad and in a bad mood, I was in a line for hours, took 7 hours to get to my destination but, I was happy, happy because I wasn’t really bothered by it. It made me realized that I love it actually.. I interact, think, feel.. Alone but surrounded by people is when I get a lot of my ideas and thoughts, I love it..

Sometimes life throws at me this little inspiring moments to made me realize more and more that this is the life I want, the life I need and crave for, and I’m not giving up until I get it..

when waiting for your bus, any place at the terminal is fine to recharge your batteries, and your phone battery also.

PS. I’ll be posting the trip photos this during this week

PS2. the pictures were taken with my phone so they are not the best 😦

Have a nice week and make it a good one

Cross your fingers for me btw (news soon)



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