Sincerely, myself.

A letter to me, to the 22 year old girl I’ll be at the end of 2013, next new year’s eve.

Dear me,

I hope this year you have accomplished everything you wanted to do. I hope you are in the position you want to be in your life. You graduated, that’s great! You left, off to the adventure of your life, to travel. You actually went to another country, that’s nice. I hope you had fun and enjoyed every part of that adventure.

Oh you got a tattoo!! That’s awesome, did your family screamed at you? I bet your grandma almost killed you. But it was worth it right?

Then you went off to get your masters degree, I knew you wanted to keep on studying. Wow you accomplished so much over the year.

But let me ask you the most important question, are you happy? Of course, everybody have their ups and downs during the whole year but.. overall.. are you content with your life right now? Did you get to do all the things you wanted to do this 2013? and if you did, how did you feel? awesome?, half awesome? some things were disappointing?

Well life is not perfect, right? At least you had a good year. Full of new experiences, new people, new everything. I hope you already have your plans for 2014. In fact, I know you have been thinking about them all year long.

A piece of advice, from friend to friend?. Life is about the experiences, the new things, the challenges; not only about whether you are happy or not, because like I said before, nothing’s perfect. If you had lived then that’s more than enough to say that you have learnt something, other than just placing a checkmark on some stuffs. LIVE. That’s the important.

Keep on the good work honey, you are doing great. Don’t let anyone tell you the opposite. Always do you, no matter what.

Sincerely, myself.




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