Viajar- Gael Garcia Marquez

“Viajar es marcharse de casa
es dejar los amigos
es intentar volar.
Volar conociendo otras ramas
recorriendo caminos
es intentar cambiar.

Viajar es vestirse de loco
es decir “no me importa”
es querer regresar.
Regresar valorando lo poco
saboreando una copa
es desear empezar.

Viajar es sentirse poeta
escribir una carta
es querer abrazar.
Abrazar al llegar a una puerta
añorando la calma
es dejarse besar.

Viajar es volverse mundano
es conocer otra gente
es volver a empezar.
Empezar extendiendo la mano
aprendiendo del fuerte
es sentir soledad.

Viajar es marcharse de casa
es vestirse de loco
diciendo todo y nada con una
Es dormir en otra cama
sentir que el tiempo es corto
viajar es regresar.”

-Gabriel García Marquez


“To travel is to leave home
is to leave friends
is to try flying.
Flying knowing other branches
crossing paths
is trying to change.

To travel is to dress like crazy
is to say “I don’t care”
is wanting to go back.
To come back appreciating the little
tasting a cup
is wanting to start over.

To travel is to feel like a poet
to write a letter
is wanting to hug.
To hug once you reach the door
longing for calm
is to let yourself being kissed.

To travel is to become mundane
is to meet other people
is to start over.
To start reaching out
learning from the strong ones
is to feel loneliness.

To travel is leaving home
is to dress like crazy
saying all or nothing with
a postcard
Is sleeping in another bed
to feel that time is short
to travel is to come back”


I don’t make any justice to the original poem since it is Spanish but I found it so beautiful that I had to share it.



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