22 reflections of a 22 years old new born

On these 22 years I’ve lived I’ve realized that.. shit I’m getting old.. but more than that I’ve realized that:

  1. Many things are changing, whether I like it or not..
  2. I know exactly what makes me happy and I’m going to fight for it
  3. Friends may disappoint you but, at this point, you can’t afford losing old friends. But you can make new ones..
  4. Money will always come and go, we all know that. The point with money is knowing when and with whom you spend it.
  5. Be yourself. This is an old one. What I mean is that, if you want to give your friends, your dog or any person, something.. give it to them and don’t expect anything in return because you were the one that wanted to give them something. Be the giver..
  6. If someone really wants to be with you or if you really want to do something you will always find the way to make it happen. If you find yourself doubting, even a little, then you really don’t want to do it and the odds are that (not always) you will feel crappy afterwards.
  7. Nobody can make the things you want to do better than you..
  8. Don’t give a damn what other people think if you are doing what makes you happy. Its making YOU happy, not them, its their problem..
  9. Find you niche, your people, your entourage..
  10. I have learned over the past few years that birthdays, Christmas, Valentines Days or any other invented holiday are just like any other day and it will pass and then you will find yourself a little broken and feeling the same way as any other day..
  11. The best days are not the holidays that are planned, are the days that come all of the sudden and you end up doing what you least expected with the least expected people, creating memories..
  12. Wonder about something and do it, don’t die wondering..
  13. If you have always felt like a stranger in your family the odds are that they see you as the weird one as well, and that’s fine..
  14. If you really want to do something and you are worry about the outcome, be impulsive and do it. Then say “oh I’m sorry, you must feel so invaded, I don’t know what got into me.. bla bla bla.. You’ll feel better that you did it and apologize afterwards to make it not-weird.. (not sure about this one though)
  15. Get some time alone and enjoy yourself, you know yourself better than anyone else.
  16. Be your own best friend..
  17. Doing nothing will make you feel miserable. Do something everyday and then take a day off to relax.
  18. Balance your foods. You can’t always eat junk food, or healthy food.
  19. If someone says, let’s drink. Drink. You never know when it will be the last time you can do it.
  20. Have 20 pairs of underwear. Cute underwear. Toss the ugly ones, or keep them to sleep on your single lonely nights..
  21. Always, always listen to your instincts. Your guts know more than you know..
  22. And finally, enjoy your youth, the time you, me, we have to do whatever the fuck we want with the little we have and actually be happy about any outcome.. just don’t get pregnant, please..

There you go, 22 basic principles I’ve learned this last 22 years. I hope I can find a good one for my 23’s next year.. but for now.. let me enjoy my new age. Happy birthday to me and all the awesome pisces out there!



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