Great Travellers: Andre Brugiroux

Japan 1970

This picture was taken in Japan, 1970, while hitch-hiking. It highlights the way he usually travelled aside from planes, boats and yachts. He travelled with his little backpack where he could keep his sleeping bag, coat, food and hundreds of memories; he said he used to spend $1 per day.

He is a French writer, born in 1937 than between 1955 and 2005 every country and territory in the world.

His mother, who had done some touring before getting married, was the one who unwittingly transmitted him the desire to travel and provided him with the key to developing his future resourcefulness by enrolling him as a scout.

His childhood was marked by war and his travels around the world have had the purpose of discovering whether peace will be possible one day.

He left in 1955 with 17 years, with a diploma in Hospitality from Paris, working first for 7 years in Europe, to learn languages, accepting any job.  Between his time in Spain and West Germany he did his military service in the Congo (1958 and 1959).

After saving money for 3 years, performing as a translator in Canada, he was able to travel the world for 6 years without working.

He made a documentary about his adventures, wrote 10 books and he dedicated especially on trips to raise awareness of the Baha’i Faith (is a monotheistic religion whose adherents follow the teachings of Baha’u’llah, who considered the manifestation of God for the present time).

The title of both his film and his first book, La Terre n’est qu’un seul pays (literally: “The Earth is but one country”, published in English as One People, One Planet), is the conclusion to which his first journey around the world brought him, a journey which lasted 18 years before he returned home (1955 to 1973), and during which he hitch hiked 400,000 km (250,000 mi), hitch hiking through 135 countries on every continent.

Places visited between 1955 and 2005

Very inspiring man, of course, nowadays it would be impossible to get around with $1 daily but we can actually get around with less than we can imagine if we learn to trust our instincts and manage our money. He did not travelled glamorously and he was actually in danger a few times but if you have the courage and determination of this man, you could get anywhere you want; but not with one dollar a day.

I hope yall got a little inspired to actually try to travel a bit, even in your own country, which is a start. Think about the great stories you’ll have to tell your grandchildren 😉


Alaska 1969

Oslo 1973

Jakarta 1970

source: Portal Mochilero and Wikipedia.


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