Lets Talk About Virginity

Thought Catalog

They tell us sex is everything. It’s penultimate. It’s love. It’s the biggest culmination of emotion and physical awakening.

They tell us sex is sacred. Save it. Give it to someone special. Wait for love. Wait for him. Wait for her. Wait.

What the hell are we supposed to do with that. As girls we’re given this virginity present. And we’re supposed to carefully choose who gets to open it. Our delicate little gift that needs protecting.

If life were a movie I would’ve lost my virginity on a hammock under the stars to a boy with innocent eyes and a first boyfriend title.

But life is messy. And I waited.

Until one night I drank a little too much, wore a little too little, and laughed a little too loud.

If he had asked I would’ve said no. But he didn’t ask.

And afterwards I cried. I couldn’t stop…

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