Ode to a Night Time Romance

(4:15 am)

Every night you give me thoughts, but all those thoughts come with a price,

insanity is the price, and I keep trying to figure out whether to embrace it or not.

You take my night dreams and replace with words and creations,

you take my sane behaviour and replace it with odd thoughts and big eyes;

those eyes that you use during the day when my mind is calm but my body is aching.

You just sit back in a corner of my brain and wait for dawn, like a vampire;

you suck my mind’s blood every night and turns me into everything and nothing.

You seduce me as soon as the sunlight burns out

and then I follow and become into anything you want.

You seduce me with your charm and wisdom

and, I can’t help it, I’m in no control and I don’t want to.

I just let myself go, like a mistress, like a muse;

you give me thoughts and I surrender completely and shameless.

Sometimes I want to stop, I want you to stop

but what you give me is so welcoming and seductive,

so beautiful, so me.

I wish I could never end this,

but the jealous sun comes up and the morning talks through the birds’ song.

And then, I face reality

you are not real, not from this world, or any world.

You are me; becoming, creating, crafting, thinking,

being the person I want to be when the light comes up.

You are me and I’m terrified,

the morning light freezes me and then,

all I want it is to be night time

where I can be seduce by my own

lascivious, lustful mind.




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