The Hottest Things Guys Have Said To Me In Bed

Thought Catalog

OK, so, I had a mini-“Girls” marathon over the weekend and I’m enjoying it, particularly the superbly weird Jessa, with her funky fashion sense and free-spirited-to-the-point-of-bizarre approach to life and love. She’s like a sexy alien.

And I know this whole “blog post pegged to a thing from Girls” phenomenon is about to grow rapidly tired, if it hasn’t already, but I’d also like to see you come up with stuff to write about every day without resorting to a few hack moves now and then.

The “thing” is this line, which happened at the end of a scene in which Marnie, who has a boyfriend, engages in a flirtation with a pretentious artist she meets at an opening. The line is delivered after Marnie informs him that she’s not going to kiss him.

I know a lot of people will probably find this moment cheesy or gross, but I…

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