About me

Well me.. hard topic to approach, but is needed.

As I said, I’m a 20 something Panamanian.

I’m basically looking for my purpose in life and for a bigger purpose in the world.

  • the word wanderlust has given a 180° twist to my life
  • I’m afraid of talking to people, but not in general, guys, especially.
  • single by choice, not my choice. Well sometimes it is my choice
  • my mind is a constant rollercoaster of thoughts, emotions, feelings, everything that you can imagine, its in there.
  • only child
  • I have a belly and industrial piercing, I want tattoos
  • piscis, which explains a lot if you believe in the horoscope (I do)
  • I honestly believe there are two people living in my mind constantly fighting each other
  • love to volunteer.. I has been a free hugs volunteer, a recycle fair volunteer and I’m proud to say that I have volunteered in the United Nations. Currently volunteering in a Panamanian travel guide
  • I have missed so many opportunities of doing great things due to my inability to behave like a normal talkative person
  • afraid of commitment, which makes me think that I’m single by choice.. my choice.. I’m still debating
  • most of my friends don’t know I have a blog
  • most of them don’t care if I do (fact)
  • finally figuring out what to do with my life, other than travelling
  • I’m in a constant despair of letting my parents down, hence, the two fighting dwarfs inside my head
  • changed my major once and it was the best and most courageous thing I’ve done. (from marketing to international affairs)
  • I don’t take a lot of things seriously, but when I do, its because I really care
  • laugh when in trouble or nervous
  • cry more out of rage or watching a really sensitive movie, than from being actually sad
  • I believe in true love and that there is someone destined for all us
  • I seriously want to be or be somewhat similar to this woman when I grow a little older
  • if I ever have to live in a city, please let it be London or New York
  • writing relaxes me, I might not be freaking Galeano (of course not) but it helps me
  • I want to do something really epic and big in my life, the kind of big you tell your grandsons as a story of awesomeness
  • as a child I wanted to be an archaeologist (Egypt was always calling me)
  • life in Panama is good, but people get stuck in the idea of always studying engineering, accounting or something that would give them “money”
  • I love my friends but I’m starting to learn how to be my own best friend
  • the desire to travel will always be in me, all the time, like the pain you get after exercising, it hurts but it feels good on you (wtf with that analogy?)
  • I wish I was braver to take over some things, to stand up more for myself
  • I made the blog to unplug myself from “real life”, but what its real life?
  • I don’t have everything figured out, but.. I like it that way


5 thoughts on “About me

  1. You inspire me and you remind me of me. Keep going and run free. The greatest thing you can do for yourself is be everything you want to be. There are no limits, BREAK free of social norms, dont be quiet anymore. Dont let opportunities go by!!!!!
    I hope to read a lot more of your adventures.
    Thank you for your thoughts

  2. Hey 🙂 I find your blog to be inspiring – I love to learn from people from different cultures! I especially like the photos from your latest post – they really capture the heart-felt, tropical nature of your trip.

    I nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award – just wanted to let you know. If you want to pass it to other bloggers who inspire you, just list a few facts about yourself and then nominate other bloggers. But if you just want to see the nomination, head over to http://wanderoneday.wordpress.com/2013/01/07/kreativ-blogger-award-and-nominations/.

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