Cuara Peso Dain. Photographic installation.

I’ve been away, long, long time doing A LOT of things. But well, I love it 🙂

Last friday I was honored to put a photographic installation  with other photographers.

I find it weird for people to call me photographer, I barely know how to work the manual setting of my semi-professional camera, that’s why I was so honored to be surrounded by real photographers with different styles and talent.

The model for my pictures was my grandfather. Needless to say, he is pretty much to awesome to handle and I fucking love it and him.

These were the pictures I took when I finished my photography course and they were sitting still in my computer until the girls that organized the exhibition called me.

diente de oro DSCN0092 DSCN0182 close up reojo peinilla manos2 manos1 closeup2 todo wallet tia zapatos1 zapatos2Seeing these pictures printed made me all kinds of happy. I really can’t describe how good it felt doing this and the day of the exhibition was one of the happiest days ever.

I took my grandpa, of course, and he wore every piece of his garment. He was so happy and excited I think I shed a tear or two during the night.

I’ve been doing so many fun stuffs lately, I can’t even catch a break, but I love it!



PS. All the pictures are for sale in an online auction. In case you want to check them out and check the other photographers.


King Tut, my love

Soon, in Panama, the King Tut (my deceased husband) exhibition its going to be here with some of his treasures. Its to commemorate the 90th anniversary of its discovery in 1922 by Howard Carter.

I’m so excited, King Tut has been my obsession since I was a little kid. I’m pretty sure I was his wife, might do a regression session to find this out, but I’m 78% sure :)


Instead of buying toys I would buy books about him or Egypt (my first country love). I still have that little thing about him and Egypt. Its my favourite part in museums, I can spend hours in the Egypt part, seriously.

When Howard Carter, famous English egyptologist discovered the tomb, many deaths have occurred, and after that there has been this mystery of the Pharaoh’s Curse. Which is pretty funny, my baby wouldn’t hurt a fly, he was so innocent.. (oh god I’m delusional)

Anyway, when the exhibition finally arrives in Panama I’m gonna take tons of pics and post them here.

But in the meantime, some pictures..


His “possible face”. He was wayyyy cuter though

Howard Carter and people at the tomb’s entrance

My deceased husband’s tomb

He’s cute, even mummified (God help me)

The official tomb in the Valley of Kings, Luxor, Egypt