After weeks looking and applying for jobs, I finally got one. Nothing special but I’ll start saving for my trip at least. I’m not gonna be doing nothing in my house, thank God. As much as I love to sleep and do nothing, to much of it sucks, it makes you feel useless, even though I go to college and everything.

Being without doing something, for me, is really brain consuming in the way that you are not being productive. When I started working the first time I didn’t have a purpose, so I just wanted to earn money to buy things. Over the course of the year I can say that I’ve found something to hold on to, something to hope for, not just working to be working. Now I can say that I’m working because of something.

It makes me happy to think that I’ll be saving for my trip, a step closer to what I want and desire in my life.

I figured that if I have a purpose, no desk job, no hopeless statement will ever lead me away from my path. I’m so focused it scares me, but is a good scare. I feel more mature and more me than ever before and I’m not letting it go for anything in the world.