Post everything

The night helped cover the mindless act

the alcohol helped with the nerves

the embrace helped with the first touch

the jokes helped to ease the stupidity of the request

then they faced each other, they knew it was wrong

but the fog of the night and the alcohol just made it happen

in the middle of the act someone said

“what are we doing”

“I don’t know”

and they kept getting drunk on the promise of the night and the always helpful alcohol.

It was not long, it was not the best, but memorable enough because of the each others history

Then they are done, ashamed?, embarrassed?, still drunk?

they don’t know

they don’t think

they just followed the night and the alcohol to its fog.

Now, post-act, post-blurry night, post-everything

in the midst of daylight,

none of them talk.

One make the first move,

hoping everything is the same

is it? fuck no.

is it embarrassment?

is it shame?

or just plain stupidity?

no one knows,

no one cares.

Now back to the foggy night,

one of them thinks,


gets angry,

gets sad,

one of them feels all the feelings someone can feel

maybe regret,

maybe distress

and then numbness.

Post everything, all seems numb

blurry, idiotic, dumb.

And it will keep being the same

until one of them stops, watch, remember and speaks.