Back in the game

Back into blogging!. Finally I can grab my laptop and post something. I think this is my therapy, these weeks that I haven’t blogged, I’ve felt drained and with no direction; which is how I feel at the moment.

Thank you for following the blog, yesterday I got my 50th follower!!! I got really excited and celebrated on my own with nutella 😀 It means a lot to me and it makes me feel that I really write good stuff, or at least a little good..

And in another note,



Well more like, pre-graduation just attending to the ceremony, merely symbolic because since I finish college in April, there is no graduation ceremony in that time. But hey! I wanted the pictures 🙂

Other than graduation nothing really have happened. I’m hanging on at work and in the house; hate to be in both, so I’m kinda stuck in here. Hopefully I’ll leave soon.

For Christmas I’ll be in Volcan again, can’t wait to get out of the city for one week and enjoy not having facebook or twitter! So another week off the blog 😦 but I’ll try to make little posts while there.

I need some Thursday Inspiration so my next post will be, my pre-xmas/pre-end-of-the-world post and on Thursday I will  post a new one too.

Hope you are having an amazing holiday season full of overpriced gifts and all the good stuffs 🙂