That moment, that feeling, that beauty.

If the majority of the people in the world would travel

there’d be more understanding

more relationships

more connection to the environment,

because as you travel from A to B

you realize that we are all connected

that if you cut a tree here or there

it can be felt on the other side.

If the majority of the people in the world would travel

everyone would get along

because we would understand

that every person is unique

but not because you live here or there

you are better or less than anyone,

we are all the same.

The world can always surprise you,

but only if you allow it to

 because no matter how much you travel

you can always feel connected with someone

no matter the language, race, eye colour or religion;

and in that moment.. that exact moment

your own world changes,

everything changes

because you never thought

that you could connect with someone

so much

so far away from home

away from everything you know.

That’s the beauty of travelling..

the connections, the moments that make you feel,

that point when you want to hug our surroundings

but the feeling and the place is so overwhelming and big

that you start crying.

That’s the beauty.

Uluru / Ayers Rock – Northern Territory, Australia

Swarovski Crystal World – Innsbruck, Austria


Manneken Pis – Brussels, Belgium


Tiger’s Nest Monastery – Paro Valley, Bhutan


Salar de Uyuni – Potosí and Oruro Departments, Bolivia


Cristo Redentor – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Angkor Wat – Angkor, Siem Reap Province, Cambodia


Parliament Hill – Ottawa, Canada


Niagara Falls – Canada & USA


Church of Our Lady before Týn – Prague, Czech Republic


Dancing House – Prague, Czech Republic


Mano del Desierto – Atacama Desert, Chile

Great Wall of China, Mutianyu section – Huairou County, China


Moai – Easter Island, Chile


Las Lajas Sanctuary – Ipiales, Colombia


Great Pyramids – Giza, Egypt


Palace of Westminster –London, United Kingdom


Eiffel Tower – Paris, France


Brandenburg Gate – Berlin, Germany


Neuschwanstein Castle – Schwangau, Germany


Szechenyi Chain Bridge – Budapest, Hungary


Hallgrimskirkja – Reykjavik, Iceland


 Taj Mahal – Agra, India

Azadi Tower – Tehran, Iran


Dome of the Rock – Old City of Jerusalem, Israel

Grand Canal – Venice, Italy


 Duomo – Milan, Italy

 Petra – Ma’an Governorate, Jordan


Petronas Towers – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Lord Murugan Statue & Batu Caves – Gombak, Malaysia

Great Mosque of Djenné – Djenné, Mali


Machu Picchu – Cusco Region, Peru


Belém Tower – Lisbon, Portugal


African Renaissance Monument – Dakar, Senegal


Guggenheim Museum – Bilbao, Spain


Rock houses – near Göreme, Cappadocia, Turkey


Burj Al-Arab – Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Angel Falls – Canaima National Park, Venezuela 


Acropolis – Athens, Greece


Blue domes – Santorini, Greece



Have you ever been to any of these places and felt that feeling?.. connected with someone? got mesmerized? Share your beautiful story..

For me it was when I saw the Big Ben for the first time. I’ve fantasized so much with this place. I remember that I was stepping out of the underground station that’s right in front of the Big Ben, and the moment I put my head up, I wasn’t expecting to see that, in that moment, so I got starstruck  by it. I literally couldn’t move for a few seconds and my eyes began to get all watery.. I had that feeling, that connection, that moment of wanted to hug the whole city of London, that overwhelming feeling.. Happiest moment ever..


PS. all pictures are from Matador Network, its 82 iconic world landmarks to visit before you dieThere are more amazing places to see in the webpage.





Get some thursday inspiration # 10

Have an awesome thursday everyone, and wish me luck 🙂



After weeks looking and applying for jobs, I finally got one. Nothing special but I’ll start saving for my trip at least. I’m not gonna be doing nothing in my house, thank God. As much as I love to sleep and do nothing, to much of it sucks, it makes you feel useless, even though I go to college and everything.

Being without doing something, for me, is really brain consuming in the way that you are not being productive. When I started working the first time I didn’t have a purpose, so I just wanted to earn money to buy things. Over the course of the year I can say that I’ve found something to hold on to, something to hope for, not just working to be working. Now I can say that I’m working because of something.

It makes me happy to think that I’ll be saving for my trip, a step closer to what I want and desire in my life.

I figured that if I have a purpose, no desk job, no hopeless statement will ever lead me away from my path. I’m so focused it scares me, but is a good scare. I feel more mature and more me than ever before and I’m not letting it go for anything in the world.



5 minutes ago I was laid in my bed, thinking, why I don’t have a boyfriend?.. It all came up because my best friend just told me that today is the first year anniversary of their first date she had with her boyfriend. I tried to sound really excited, but all that came up was these faces 🙂 😀.. .. .. bad, I know. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for her and him but I just don’t get excited about these things because I’ve never had such a “strong” feeling for someone, such a strong feeling to remember the day of the first date.

The truth is, I like my freedom, my free soul, myself. I’ve come to realize this based on the dates I’ve had lately. I don’t know why but I really can’t just free myself from me (its that right?) I mean, they are great guys, but most of them I find them boring, or to clingy. The kinda guy that would talk for hours about their “amazing” degree in something technological zzz or the type that would do the baby-talk and tell you shitty baby names and you are not even dating them.

There was one though, but that’s just another part of my fatalistic love life. Army guy, had to leave, we spend some really cool days and bye bye.. Remind me again how when I actually “like” someone, he has to be thousand of miles away?. Yeah..

My point is that, I’m the kind of girl that falls hard, blind and 100% for a guy. That’s why I find it so hard to date, that’s why I don’t give my love to anyone. Let’s say that right now, it’s exclusively for me, myself and I.

I’m the kind of girl that would settle and be a real housewife for my guy if I really love him (if I ever write that I’m about to cook for someone on a date, be aware, might be hubby material). But I don’t think I would settle here, in Panama, everything here tells me to go! to find new horizons, new faces, new guys. Panama is yelling at me to leave and settle somewhere I would really feel a part of.

Nothing, absolutely nothing here tells me to stay. Maybe my parents, but that’s it. I know my friends and my family will be here when I come back.

Love is the only thing that would make me reconsider travel. Love is such a powerful feeling in me. That’s why I watch the most corny and sentimental romantic movies, that why my eyes get fill with tears when I see an old couple holding hands and kissing. Because I want that, I do want that true lasting love that would endure through good and bad times. But before that, I need to find myself, I need to get out of here, I need to learn to love myself more and more until the day I find my guy, my man, my everything.

I don’t want a protector, I want a partner in crime. Someone that won’t be afraid to let my mind wander in weirdness and go along with it. Someone that would tell when I’m having a bad time and would just tell me “wanna get out of here?”, someone that would take risks for me, fight me and tell me that something is wrong even though I don’t see it. Someone that would not be afraid or embarrassed of my clumsiness and craziness.

You know, that kind of guy that would make you reconsider your whole life in any second. That with a look we would say everything even though we haven’t said a word. And laughter, lots and lots of laughter, that laughter that would make your stomach hurt and get instant abs.

And maybe above all, passion, passion to be with each other, but enough to know each other space, little details like putting his hand behind your head and touch your ear, grabbing your hand suddenly, kiss you so hard and gentle at the same time. You know that kiss that push him so hard into you that feels like a whole person. Well that.. and more..

But for now, I’m fine, I’m not gonna date someone that wouldn’t make me feel any less than what I just explained. I know he’s out there, somewhere in the vast world, waiting for me (aww how corny of me). Well I’m a romantic after all 🙂