Green saturday morning

On saturday I decided to take a little stroll through a part of the city and take some pictures for the blog. I took my cousin with me (the only one I can “force” to go with me. I say “force” because, why would a panamanian take a stroll and pictures of places we see EVERYDAY?)

Well my point with it was to rediscover something that we just don’t take into account any more because its always there, but its so beautiful and Panamanian should feel proud to have such beautiful places to admire, even in the city, or near the city.

We are so used to the cars or buses to get us everywhere that we have lost the habit of walking (maybe because its almost always so hot) but either way, here, people don’t walk.

So to commemorate the “No Car Day”,September 22nd, I took my camera, my bag-pack and went on to a green Saturday morning.

I don’t know how to pose so I make weird faces, but hey I’m in a sea of green so.. who cares?

American street names, from when “gringos” were in Panama

The wonders you find while walking 


surrounded by green

pollution 😦

He poses better than me

Ants house


Tree hugger issues

Say hello to the Panama Canal Administration Building.. and my ass hahaha

Let’s be serious and normal

A little history (zzz): The Panama Canal Administration Building was inaugurated on July 15, 1914. It houses the Panama Canal Authority’s chief administrative offices, such as those of the Administrator, and the Deputy Administrator, located since 1914 in the North wing of the second floor, overlooking Balboa and the Canal’s Pacific entrance. (history lesson done) -for more here

So pretty

Life is so hard

bye bye


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So it’s officially rainy season in Panama 😦 but before it all gets gloomy and dark I wanted to share with you my favourite tree. And the reason I wanted to post about it is because this tree just blossoms in the summer season and is so beautiful!! Hopefully when I have my own house I’ll plant a dozen of these trees in my backyard.

GUAYACAN:  fabebura crhysantha, is this beautiful tree that only blossoms in summer and in the rainy season is only branches and sadness.

Seeing the floor full of its flowers makes me think that I’m in spring, even though we don’t have spring season in Panama.

They also blossom in a kind of pink color but I couldn’t find one or when I did see one I didn’t have my camera. But yellow is my favourite type anyway.

Isn’t it BEAUTIFUL. Hope you like it as much as I do.. and soon, a whole post about trees, why? because I love trees and I’m a treehugger and that’s enough for a post 😀